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Winnipeg Landlord Rent Increase Guideline for 2018 is 1.3%

October 29th, 2017 · Latest News, Manitoba rent increase 2018, Winnipeg landlords

winnipeg landlords manitoba rent increase guideline 2018 is 1.3 percent

Winnipeg Landlords Can Only Raise the Rent By 1.3% In 2018

While many Winnipeg landlords are doing well there are still a lot of challenges and potential pitfalls out there if you aren’t careful. It’s more important than ever before to treat your rental property as a real business.

Those who rent to good tenants are doing well and find being a landlord is a rewarding and worthy business venture.  Your good tenants are treating you and your rental property with care and you have a mutually respectful and beneficial business relationship.

What type of win-win situation are landlords looking for with their tenants?

Rent Is Always Paid (And On Time)

Every month your tenants make sure they pay the rent on time. You don’t have to worry about not receiving payment when you also have your mortgage due. If for some reason your tenants need to be a little late, they will give you lots of advance notice and do everything they can to make sure paying rent is a priority and not down the list of their bills and other expenses

Rental Property is Treated With Care

Experienced landlords know one of the secrets of their success is to rent out terrific, well-maintained properties. Nice properties attract good tenants, it’s that simple. The problem is you spend thousands to maintain the unit and make it attractive and one bad tenant can make huge damages and lead to a big loss. Good tenants will make sure your property is treated with care. When they move out they leave the property in the same condition as when they moved in, minus some normal wear and tear.

Lease Rules Are Followed

It’s always a win-win when the lease rules are followed. It’s especially important for tenants to give proper notice to give you the opportunity to find new tenants and not lose a month of rent.

Winnipeg Landlord Challenges

Experienced Winnipeg landlords also know that being a successful landlord isn’t easy and you always have to be on top of your game.  We have seen cases of bad tenants causing small landlords to have large financial losses.

While Ontario landlords are used to bad tenants, Manitoba landlords need to make sure you ‘trust but verify’ before renting out your property. Always run a credit check to make sure you know who you are renting to. 

We also face the huge issue of new marijuana / pot/ weed laws coming. Not only could this new law lead to tenants fighting other tenants about smoke and smell, but also some tenants may bring in plants to grow themselves. This is a going to be a very complicated issue.

Landlord costs are also increasing and this can lead to little or no cash-flow for many landlords.  Unlike Alberta landlords who can raise the rent as much as they see fit every year most Manitoba landlords are under rent control. This is why you need to make sure your rent is at a level which will allow you to afford maintenance and any repairs or improvements which may be needed. With increased costs professional Manitoba landlords have told us they need to raise rents in order to to keep up.

Manitoba Landlord Rent Increase 2018

According to the Manitoba Landlords Association the tenancies branch will allow a rent increase of only 1.3% in 2018. Is this enough for you to cover your costs? Remember you need to follow the rules when giving the rent increase. This means you must provide your renters with a notice of rent increase at least 3 months before the actual rent increase comes into effect. And in most cases you can only raise the rent once a year.

Winnipeg Landlords Are You Going To Raise The Rent In 2018

If you are, most of us are stuck at a maximum increase of only 1.3%  Many experienced landlords recommend raising the rent each year even if it’s as low as it is in 2018. With lots of new challenges on the way Winnipeg landlords need to protect ourselves and our investment properties. One way to protect yourself is to join the Manitoba Landlord Association for a low one time fee.

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Winnipeg Landlords Tenant Screening: Make Sure You Rent to Good Tenants

January 19th, 2016 · Latest News, Manitoba Landlords Association, Tenant Credit Check, Winnipeg landlords

Winnipeg landlords – Avoid Tenant Problems With Good Tenant Screening, Including Tenant Credit Checks!

Winnipeg landlords and landlords all over Manitoba were glued to the news this week as the media reported storied about a tenant who was being evicted.

According to a report from 680 CJOB a Winnipeg tenant facing eviction was killed by police during a stand-off.

A tenant named Andrew Baryluk was renting a property and was evicted after an appeal to the Residential Tenancies Commission.

Baryluk wasn’t happy about this and police were called after he threatened to harm himself.

Crisis Negotiators Come In

Crisis negotiators tried to reason with this tenant but by 8:00 pm police said he shot at officers and they returned fire.

The tenant died, although authorities won’t say if it was by police returning gunshot fire or if he committed suicide.

How Can You Avoid Bad Tenants?

Small residential landlords don’t have the time or money to fight bad tenants. And if the police get involved it means a tenant has issues over and beyond what a small landlord wants to deal with.

BC Landlords

BC landlords can join the BC Landlords Association and get the BC rental kit and can start running premium GARDA credit checks to make sure you rent to good tenants.

Alberta Landlords

Alberta landlords have a huge pool of good tenants out there.

Of course, there are also some bad tenants who want to rent from you and create their own marijuana grow-op or worse.

Alberta landlords can join the Alberta Landlords Association which is the premium landlords association in Alberta.

Ontario Landlords

Ontario landlords face lots of challenges from Tenants From Hell such as Nina Willis.

She targets small landlords and uses the bad tenant friendly Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board to live for months without paying a cent of rent! Join the Ontario Landlords Association for amazing services!

Manitoba Landlords – Screen Tenants Carefully!

Avoid tenant problems by screening your tenants carefully and only renting to reliable and verified tenants.

GARDA Tenant Credit Check

Become a member of the Manitoba Landlords Association and you can start running tenant credit checks with Equifax and GARDA.

GARDA credit checks are awesome!

You can do a “full check” for only $14 and make sure you know who you are renting to.

Join the Manitoba Landlords Association

You can join for only a one-time fee! No annual fee!

For a one time fee you can get the Manitoba Rental Kit, networking and premium credit checks to make sure you rent to great tenants!

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2015 Manitoba Rent-increase guidelines set at 2.4 per cent

September 9th, 2014 · Latest News, Manitoba Landlords Association, Rent increase 2015 Manitoba

 Manitoba landlords rent increase 2015

Manitoba’s rent guideline for next year has been set at 2.4 per cent, the province said today.

Consumer Protection Minister Ron Lemieux said the increase is based on the consumer price index and is within the Bank of Canada’s inflation-control target range.

New regulations passed earlier this year also strengthen requirements for exemptions from the rent regulation when landlords make renovations, and will limit how often landlords can apply for those exemptions. The changes will also spread the cost of some improvements over a longer period, which could result in smaller rent increases.

The rent guideline applies to most residential rental properties, including apartments, single rooms, houses and duplexes.

It does not apply to units renting for $1,435 or more per month as of Dec. 31, 2014; personal care homes; non-profit housing with subsidized rent; approved rehabilitated rental units; and new buildings that are less than 15 years old, where an occupancy permit was first issued or a unit first occupied after April 9, 2001, or less than 20 years old, where an occupancy permit was first issued or a unit first occupied after March 7, 2005.

About 1,000 more properties will be protected from large rent increases, Lemieux said in a statement.

He also said the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Winnipeg in 2014 is $751, compared with $888 in Regina, $1,087 in Calgary and $1,050 in Toronto. The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Winnipeg in 2014 is $969, compared with $1,053 in Regina, $1,267 in Calgary and $1,241 in Toronto.

Landlords can apply for an increase above the guideline if they can show the guideline will not cover cost increases they have incurred.

Tenants must receive written notice of a rent increase at least three months before the increase takes effect. For example, for a rent increase to take effect Jan. 1, 2015, tenants must receive notice by Sept. 30. With few exceptions, rent can only be increased once a year.

Tenants have the right to object to any rent increase. Objections must be filed at least 60 days before the rent increase is set to take effect.

Manitoba landlords – Remember to use the right rental documents and screen your tenants carefully.

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Winnipeg Landlords – Do You Want To Be a Landlord?

July 8th, 2014 · Manitoba Landlords Association, Tenant Credit Check, Winnipeg landlords

 young people and cardboard boxes

Winnipeg Landlords – Make Sure You Run Tenant Credit Checks When Choosing a Tenant

According to a report in REIN magazine the housing market has been strong in Winnipeg for a considerable amount of time and few people know about it.

For example there has been strong rise in prices. Homes have risen by around 6.6 percent every year since 2004. This average price rise is larger than cities such as Ottawa and Toronto.

Furthermore housing starts have risen by nearly 16% and the number of condominiums starts was up an astounding 46 percent in 2013 over the previous year.

It’s a good time to own residential real estate in Winnipeg these days.

Do You Want To Become a Landlord?

With all this good news many people are thinking of investing in rental properties in Manitoba.

After all, with prices rising you can make good money buying a property such as a condominium, renting it out, and selling it years down the road.

It’s a sound idea and thousands of people are doing it successfully.

If you are thinking of becoming a landlord it’s important to know what you are getting into. Many people are becoming aware of the potential challenges that landlords face. And Manitoba is viewed by many as a province that supports tenants over landlords.

The key is to screen your tenants carefully

It doesn’t matter where you are, if you don’t screen your tenants carefully it can lead to trouble. BC landlords are shocked over a couple of serial bad tenants who have ripped off 7 landlords in 2 years.

These tenants were just ordered to pay one landlord the rent owed or go to jail. They paid, but they still have 6 other ex-landlords who they owe tens of thousands of dollars to.

An Alberta landlord was recently in the news for renting to a couple he thought were ‘nice.’ His rental property was across from an elementary school and the tenants sealed the deal with him by saying it would make them so happy to have a school so close for their child to attend.

A year later the landlord is out over $100,000 and sold the property after the tenants started a grow op.

In Toronto, Ontario landlords are facing the fact that according to the Toronto Star the “Tenant From Hell” Nina Willis is now fighting her 7th small landlord and living rent free for months at a time.

Winnipeg Landlords and Bad Tenants

A recent report by Yahoo news was about a Winnipeg landlord who is upset after being told to pay a huge repair bill after the police came and raided a rental apartment she owns.

A Winnipeg woman is furious over being stuck with a whopping repair bill, after police raided an apartment that she owns.

Landlord Sherri Vanderstel rented out her luxury apartment to a woman she thought would be a good tenant.

Police raided the apartment because the tenant was suspected of possessing drugs and trafficking cocaine!

The raid led to the door being slammed open, appliances ripped out of walls, leaking water and trash everywhere.

She now has to pay thousands of dollars to the City.

According to Vanderstel, she rented to the tenant because

Vanderstel said she the tenants didn’t give her any suspicious feelings when she decided to rent to her.

How Can I Be A Successful Manitoba Landlord?

Landlords should always run a credit check on potential renters.

A credit check will show you the true financial history of a potential tenant, including where or not they pay their bills on time.  

How Can I Run Tenant Credit Checks?

You can join the Manitoba Landlords Association for only a one-time registration fee (no annual fee!)

Landlords Make Sure You Run Tenant Credit Checks The Right Way

It’s important you run credit checks on tenants the right way!

Only use an authorized tenant credit check company such as GARDA to screen your tenants. If you use a friend who is a mortgage agent, insurance agent, Realtor, or car dealer it can lead to trouble for landlords and for the person who rent the credit check for you.

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Manitoba Landlords: New Requirements When Giving Notice

May 11th, 2014 · Manitoba Landlords Association, Winnipeg landlords

 Winnipeg landlords rules for serving notice

Manitoba Landlords Make Sure You Are Up To Date On the Latest Landlord and Tenant Rules

It’s been a tough winter for Winnipeg landlords. And now there are some new rules for us.

Whether you are a Winnipeg landlord, own rental properties in Brandon, or are a landlord anywhere in the province experienced Manitoba landlords know the importance of being knowledgeable on the latest industry rules.

The latest news from the Manitoba Residential Tenancies Branch is about changes to notice requirements.

The new rules are required for landlords who want to give notice for the following:

1. The Landlord Wants To Move Into the Rental

2. The Landlord Wants to Renovate the Rental Property and the Tenant Can’t Stay While the Work Is Being Done

3. The Landlord plans to Demolish the Rental Property

4. The Landlord Will Convert the Unit From a Residential Rental Property to Something Different.

Written Notice and Time Changes

If you fit into any of the four categories you have to provide your tenants with written notice. This is common for all Canada landlords.

The Important Point To Know Is the Length Of Time Required.

You also have to provide the legal amount of time for the notice.

According to the Residential Tenancies Branch the length of the notice required is now dependent upon the current vacancy rates of the area.

How Do I Know The Vacancy Rate?

The vacancy rates will be determined by statistics given by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and their “Rental Market Report.”

Do I Have To Contact the CMHC?

No, the Residential Tenancies Branch will have the information for you.

Can You Provide Me With Some Examples?

-Notice for Winnipeg landlords has changed to 4 months.

-Notice for Portage la Prairie landlords has changed to 4 months

-Notice for Steinback has changed to 3 months.

-Notice for Winkler landlords was added to and now requires 5 months.

On average notice times for Manitoba landlords outside of these cities is now four months.

The 3% Vacancy Rate Threshold

Iif the tenant is on a month-to-month tenancy and the vacancy rate for the unit is below 3%, the landlord must give the tenant 3 months’ notice. If the rate is 3% or higher, then only one month notice is necessary.

This Sounds Needlessly Complicated for Landlords and Tenants

We agree. After all Alberta landlords have a simple system for notices.

And being a residential landlord in Manitoba is already tough enough.

Even BC landlords don’t have to worry about finding out what the vacancy rate is before knowing how to proceed with sending out their notices. Ontario landlords also don’t need to study statistics from the CMHC for notices.

Please contact your local branch office for more information and details on rule changes.

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Tenant Screening Winnipeg: Find Great Tenants

April 1st, 2014 · Manitoba Landlords Association, Tenant Screening

 April 1st, 2014

Tenants Screening Winnipeg Credit Check

Are You Ready To Invest $12 To Make Sure You Rent To Good Tenants?

The advertisement on Kijiji from a property manager tells you everything you need to know about the challenges of being a Winnipeg landlord in 2014.

The ad was directed to get you to hire the property management company to run control their rental business for a large fee. 

The company clearly knows the challenges Winnipeg landlords face.

Included in the ad was the following:

1.  Did your last tenant leave a large mess for you to clean up?

2.  How many hours did it take you to clean garbage?

3.  Did the tenants break the stove or other appliances?

4.  We can fix holes made in the drywall

5.  Is the fridge full of old food and disgusting?

The ad touches on points that small residential landlords face regularly.

Manitoba landlords are getting used to cleaning up garbage, making expensive repairs and even losing out on months of rent.

Lots of Good Tenants Out There

Of course there are lots of good tenants out there who want to rent properties that are clean, safe, attractive and affordable.

According to Moneysense, we even have some of the most desirable places to live in Canada.

For example, Winnipeg was ranked the fifth best large city to live in!

Brandon was number 25 and the according to the Thompson Citizen Thompson was rated at #121.

However, the system in Manitoba also allows even good tenants to give landlords lots of headaches.

Bad Tenants Are Lurking

There have been so many stories of Manitoba landlords facing serious challenges.

After all, unlike Alberta landlords we can’t raise the rent as the market dictates.

Even British Columbia landlords can add 2% to their rent increase because the government there appreciates the financial challenges landlords face to main good, safe properties for tenants.

Manitoba landlords find themselves in a similar situation with landlords in Ontario.  For example, with so many problems some Ottawa Landlords are thinking of selling and moving into commercial rentals.

What Can Winnipeg Landlords Do?

With such an unfair system, the key is to find good, reasonable tenants.

Good tenants appreciate you and your rental property.

These tenants pay rent on time and treat the rental property as their own.

How Can Winnipeg Landlords Find Good Tenants?

Join the Manitoba Landlords Association.

You get access to all the services and tools you need to succeed.

For example, you can start doing tenant credit checks with Equifax and GARDA for the huge discounted member price.

How Can Doing Credit Checks Help Me?

The GARDA credit only costs you $12 per check for MLA members.

The credit check will give you a complete look into your potential tenant’s current financial situation and financial past.

Do you want to rent to someone who has a history of not paying their bills on time or do you want to hand over the keys to someone with a great credit score and a history of financial responsibility?

A GARDA credit will help you choose your tenants.  It’s the best $12 you will ever spend!

Winnipeg Landlords

We face a tough environment.

Make sure you protect you and your rental properties.

Make tenant credit checks part of your screening process.

The Manitoba Landlords Association offers landlords great services at incredible prices. 

Become a member and protect your rental property business and make sure you rent to great tenants.

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Winnipeg Landlords: Rent Increase 2014

January 8th, 2014 · Rent Increase 2014, Winnipeg landlords

Winnipeg landlords rent increase 2014

Lots of Winnipeg Landlords Are Asking ‘How Much Can I Raise the Rent in 2014?’

We wish everyone a very Happy New Year and hope you had a terrific holiday.

There are many things for residential real estate investors to look forward to in 2014.

One of the most important developments is that more and more Winnipeg landlords are doing tenant screening now.

This includes tenant credit checks with Equifax and GARDA.

Landlords across Manitoba have learned what can happen if you rent to tenants without doing very thorough research on them before you had over the key.

It’s not just in our province.

Landlords across Canada have learned hard lessons about renting to tenants without this thorough research.

Rent Increase Guideline 2014

We have received several emails from Winnipeg landlords asking about the allowable rent increase this year.

Some landlords believe we have the same system Alberta landlords have.

Unfortunately it’s not the case as they can raise the rent to whatever the market can bear.

How Much Can Winnipeg Landlords Raise the Rent in 2014?

The provincial government has ruled we can raise the rent by 2% in 2014.

Yes, only 2.0%

Many landlords feel it’s very low.

So low they won’t be able to recoup the expenses they will need to do to maintain their rental properties.

Proper Procedure to Raise the Rent

Remember you need to follow the rules and provide proper notice…even for this type of low rent increase.

To discuss this and other landlord issues go to the Manitoba Landlord Forum.

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Tenant Screening Winnipeg: Tenant Credit Checks

November 22nd, 2013 · Tenant Credit Check

 Tenant Screening Winnipeg Credit Checks

A Winnipeg Landlord Trusted His Tenants And Is Now Out Thousands of Dollars

Welcome back to our blog Winnipeg landlords.

Landlords here face opportunities and challenges.

There are lots of good tenant out there.Tenants who will pay you rent on time and respect your property (and you, their landlord).

Winnipeg Landlord Out Thousands

A recent report on CTV News Winnipeg also shows there are bad tenants out there.

Reporter Karen Rocznick told the story of a Winnipeg landlord who didn’t do proper tenant screening and rented to ‘tenant from Hell.’

65 Mapleton Dr.

The images of the three bedroom rental property were so bad we hope you didn’t see them while eating dinner.

Landlord Malcolm Williams showed the condition of his rental property after his tenants had moved out.

The damages included:

1. Dog feces all over the house

2. Walls smashed with huge wreckage of drywall

3. Garbage everywhere

4. Ceilings burned

5. Carpets destroyed and needing to all be replaced

You can watch the news story here

Williams showed how the damage deposit he collected was no way near what it will cost him to do the major repairs and clean-up required.

The Residential Tenancies Branch says Williams can file against tenants.

The problem is the tenant skipped out and vanished without a trace. He can’t find them and cannot collect what he’s owed.

The Key Is To Find Good Tenants

The landlord has been in the business for over thirty-years.

He continued to rent to people on a ‘gut feeling’.

It used to work but times have changed. We used to think all the bad tenants were in Ontario.

Not anymore.

How Can You Find Good Tenants?

There are good tenants out there. You have to make sure you find them.

One way is to do credit checks on each applicant before renting to them.

A credit check will show you how financially reliable your potential tenants are.

A credit check will also provide you with the following information:

1. Do this reside in the address they claim to?

2. What were their previous addresses?

3. Do they work where they say they work?

4. What are their past jobs?

5. Do they currently owe anyone money?

6. Are there collections agents chasing them?

7. Have they lost is court before?

8. Do they pay their bills on time?

9. Has anyone ever refused to give them credit?

10. Do they have a high score recognizing financial responsibility?

How Can I Do A Credit Check On My Potential Tenants?

It’s good news for Winnipeg landlords because the Manitoba Landlords Association can help you start doing credit checks.

For only $10 you can start doing credit checks.

It’s an unbeatable deal and a great opportunity for Winnipeg landlords!

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Winnipeg Landlords

November 6th, 2013 · Winnipeg landlords

winnipeg landlords

Winnipeg Landlord and Tenant News, Lots of Networking, And Even More Help and Advice!

Welcome to all the Winnipeg landlords out there.

We are happy you are reading this site because we want to cooperate with you to help Winnipeg landlords succeed like never before.

Becoming ( or Being) A Residential Landlord In Winnipeg

We live in a great city.

But let’s be honest. Being a landlord in Winnipeg isn’t easy.

NDP Government

The government hasn’t make things easier.

In fact, the government focuses only on tenant challenges and doesn’t seem to care at all about the issues facing landlords.

What Type of Challenges?

Winnipeg and landlords all over Manitoba are dealing with a lot of issues with bad tenants who are abusing the system.

Yes, most tenants out there are good.

They pay the rent and don’t destroy the rental property.

However, bad tenants are out there and the government doesn’t care about small residential landlords who are getting burned!

Just take a look at the allowable rent increase for 2014. Is that fair? No way.

How Can Winnipeg Landlords Succeed?

With the rules against landlords, rules which empower bad tenants, the key is to rent to tenants who are honest and decent.

If you rent to bad tenants they can use the system to cause you great financial harm.

Get ready for thousands of dollars not only in lost rent, but in damages to your rental property. We used to think this only happened with bad Ontario tenants, but now they are coming here.

How Can I Find Good Tenants?

Winnipeg landlords need to change and realize we are living in a new era.

A hand-shake or a good tenant interview is no longer any security that the tenant you rent to won’t take you for a fleecing.

What Are Tenant Credit Checks?

Smart landlords do Tenant credit checks before handing over the keys.

A tenant credit check will give you vital information about a tenant. This include whether or not they pay on time.

How Can I Do A Tenant Credit Check?

The Manitoba Landlords Association gives you a deal that can’t be beat.

For an affordable one-time fee you can do tenant credit checks for only $10 per check from Equifax Canada.

We welcome all Winnipeg landlords to our site.

Do proper tenant screening to find all the good tenants out there and avoid the ‘pro’ tenants who will cost you thousands of dollars in losses.

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