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Winnipeg Landlords

November 6th, 2013 · No Comments · Winnipeg landlords

winnipeg landlords

Winnipeg Landlord and Tenant News, Lots of Networking, And Even More Help and Advice!

Welcome to all the Winnipeg landlords out there.

We are happy you are reading this site because we want to cooperate with you to help Winnipeg landlords succeed like never before.

Becoming ( or Being) A Residential Landlord In Winnipeg

We live in a great city.

But let’s be honest. Being a landlord in Winnipeg isn’t easy.

NDP Government

The government hasn’t make things easier.

In fact, the government focuses only on tenant challenges and doesn’t seem to care at all about the issues facing landlords.

What Type of Challenges?

Winnipeg and landlords all over Manitoba are dealing with a lot of issues with bad tenants who are abusing the system.

Yes, most tenants out there are good.

They pay the rent and don’t destroy the rental property.

However, bad tenants are out there and the government doesn’t care about small residential landlords who are getting burned!

Just take a look at the allowable rent increase for 2014. Is that fair? No way.

How Can Winnipeg Landlords Succeed?

With the rules against landlords, rules which empower bad tenants, the key is to rent to tenants who are honest and decent.

If you rent to bad tenants they can use the system to cause you great financial harm.

Get ready for thousands of dollars not only in lost rent, but in damages to your rental property. We used to think this only happened with bad Ontario tenants, but now they are coming here.

How Can I Find Good Tenants?

Winnipeg landlords need to change and realize we are living in a new era.

A hand-shake or a good tenant interview is no longer any security that the tenant you rent to won’t take you for a fleecing.

What Are Tenant Credit Checks?

Smart landlords do Tenant credit checks before handing over the keys.

A tenant credit check will give you vital information about a tenant. This include whether or not they pay on time.

How Can I Do A Tenant Credit Check?

The Manitoba Landlords Association gives you a deal that can’t be beat.

For an affordable one-time fee you can do tenant credit checks for only $10 per check from Equifax Canada.

We welcome all Winnipeg landlords to our site.

Do proper tenant screening to find all the good tenants out there and avoid the ‘pro’ tenants who will cost you thousands of dollars in losses.


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