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Tenant Screening Winnipeg: Tenant Credit Checks

November 22nd, 2013 · No Comments · Tenant Credit Check

 Tenant Screening Winnipeg Credit Checks

A Winnipeg Landlord Trusted His Tenants And Is Now Out Thousands of Dollars

Welcome back to our blog Winnipeg landlords.

Landlords here face opportunities and challenges.

There are lots of good tenant out there.Tenants who will pay you rent on time and respect your property (and you, their landlord).

Winnipeg Landlord Out Thousands

A recent report on CTV News Winnipeg also shows there are bad tenants out there.

Reporter Karen Rocznick told the story of a Winnipeg landlord who didn’t do proper tenant screening and rented to ‘tenant from Hell.’

65 Mapleton Dr.

The images of the three bedroom rental property were so bad we hope you didn’t see them while eating dinner.

Landlord Malcolm Williams showed the condition of his rental property after his tenants had moved out.

The damages included:

1. Dog feces all over the house

2. Walls smashed with huge wreckage of drywall

3. Garbage everywhere

4. Ceilings burned

5. Carpets destroyed and needing to all be replaced

You can watch the news story here

Williams showed how the damage deposit he collected was no way near what it will cost him to do the major repairs and clean-up required.

The Residential Tenancies Branch says Williams can file against tenants.

The problem is the tenant skipped out and vanished without a trace. He can’t find them and cannot collect what he’s owed.

The Key Is To Find Good Tenants

The landlord has been in the business for over thirty-years.

He continued to rent to people on a ‘gut feeling’.

It used to work but times have changed. We used to think all the bad tenants were in Ontario.

Not anymore.

How Can You Find Good Tenants?

There are good tenants out there. You have to make sure you find them.

One way is to do credit checks on each applicant before renting to them.

A credit check will show you how financially reliable your potential tenants are.

A credit check will also provide you with the following information:

1. Do this reside in the address they claim to?

2. What were their previous addresses?

3. Do they work where they say they work?

4. What are their past jobs?

5. Do they currently owe anyone money?

6. Are there collections agents chasing them?

7. Have they lost is court before?

8. Do they pay their bills on time?

9. Has anyone ever refused to give them credit?

10. Do they have a high score recognizing financial responsibility?

How Can I Do A Credit Check On My Potential Tenants?

It’s good news for Winnipeg landlords because the Manitoba Landlords Association can help you start doing credit checks.

For only $10 you can start doing credit checks.

It’s an unbeatable deal and a great opportunity for Winnipeg landlords!

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