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Tenant Screening Winnipeg: Find Great Tenants

April 1st, 2014 · No Comments · Manitoba Landlords Association, Tenant Screening

 April 1st, 2014

Tenants Screening Winnipeg Credit Check

Are You Ready To Invest $12 To Make Sure You Rent To Good Tenants?

The advertisement on Kijiji from a property manager tells you everything you need to know about the challenges of being a Winnipeg landlord in 2014.

The ad was directed to get you to hire the property management company to run control their rental business for a large fee. 

The company clearly knows the challenges Winnipeg landlords face.

Included in the ad was the following:

1.  Did your last tenant leave a large mess for you to clean up?

2.  How many hours did it take you to clean garbage?

3.  Did the tenants break the stove or other appliances?

4.  We can fix holes made in the drywall

5.  Is the fridge full of old food and disgusting?

The ad touches on points that small residential landlords face regularly.

Manitoba landlords are getting used to cleaning up garbage, making expensive repairs and even losing out on months of rent.

Lots of Good Tenants Out There

Of course there are lots of good tenants out there who want to rent properties that are clean, safe, attractive and affordable.

According to Moneysense, we even have some of the most desirable places to live in Canada.

For example, Winnipeg was ranked the fifth best large city to live in!

Brandon was number 25 and the according to the Thompson Citizen Thompson was rated at #121.

However, the system in Manitoba also allows even good tenants to give landlords lots of headaches.

Bad Tenants Are Lurking

There have been so many stories of Manitoba landlords facing serious challenges.

After all, unlike Alberta landlords we can’t raise the rent as the market dictates.

Even British Columbia landlords can add 2% to their rent increase because the government there appreciates the financial challenges landlords face to main good, safe properties for tenants.

Manitoba landlords find themselves in a similar situation with landlords in Ontario.  For example, with so many problems some Ottawa Landlords are thinking of selling and moving into commercial rentals.

What Can Winnipeg Landlords Do?

With such an unfair system, the key is to find good, reasonable tenants.

Good tenants appreciate you and your rental property.

These tenants pay rent on time and treat the rental property as their own.

How Can Winnipeg Landlords Find Good Tenants?

Join the Manitoba Landlords Association.

You get access to all the services and tools you need to succeed.

For example, you can start doing tenant credit checks with Equifax and GARDA for the huge discounted member price.

How Can Doing Credit Checks Help Me?

The GARDA credit only costs you $12 per check for MLA members.

The credit check will give you a complete look into your potential tenant’s current financial situation and financial past.

Do you want to rent to someone who has a history of not paying their bills on time or do you want to hand over the keys to someone with a great credit score and a history of financial responsibility?

A GARDA credit will help you choose your tenants.  It’s the best $12 you will ever spend!

Winnipeg Landlords

We face a tough environment.

Make sure you protect you and your rental properties.

Make tenant credit checks part of your screening process.

The Manitoba Landlords Association offers landlords great services at incredible prices. 

Become a member and protect your rental property business and make sure you rent to great tenants.

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